Tan America
3,000 watts
Our Conventional bed utilizes 100 watt lamps with 6.5% UVB and has sessions of up to 20 minutes. This type of bed is typically the only equipment that most salons have. While our TAN AMERICAS are much better than beds carried by other salons, we consider them to be our most basic equipment.


5,200 watts
This bed is best for "fair" skin types, this bed has 160 watt lamps with only 2.5% UVB. With a 16 minute maximum session time, virtually anyone will achieve a tan in less visits than he or she would with the conventional bed.


7,600 watts
A step above the Supersonic, this bed also has a low 2.5% UVB. The Odyssey has a 15 minute maximum session, and is an ideal bed for anyone to use to build a base tan. The Odyssey is a step up in comfort as well. This bed has adjustable facial tanners and a special cooling fan for the face.


Sundazzler 2M
10,000 watts
This is one of the most powerful stand-up tanning units in the industry. The 2M is very effective at giving tanners even results. Vertical tanning enables you to tan areas that lay down units have a more difficult time reaching, like under the arms. Our 2M has a 9 minute maximum session and has a low 2.5% UVB. While there are other stand up units out there, they primarily use 100 watt bulbs and have session times at around 15 minutes. These units are basically upright versions of our conventional type beds. Our 2M has 200 watt lamps, and that is why the session time can be so short, but the tanning results can be so dramatic.


11,000 watts
Perhaps our most popular unit, the Orbit is the machine that revolutionized the tanning industry. The Orbit is 11,000 watts of tanning power. With 44 (160 watt) lamps,and 4,000 watts of facial tanning, the Orbit is the bed that epitomizes the phrase "3 visits and you're golden brown". The best results are achieved by tanning one day, skip a day, tan again, skip a day, and after the 3rd visit you are tan! Also, you only have to tan once per week to maintain your color. On the conventional beds, tanners must come much more frequently (as many as 3 times a week) to maintain a tan. The ORBIT has a 2.5% UVB which is much lower than most conventional tanning units. Our Orbits are some of the best in the world, and are definitely a TAN N' TONE staple.


Giant Sun
13,000 watts
A relative of the Orbit, the Giant Sun also features 50+ (160 watt) lamps with 4,000 watts of facial power. Our Giant Sun is also only 2.5% UVB. In only an 8 minute maximum session, one can achieve amazing tanning results. This bed is a wonderful compliment to our other machines, because it's sheer size allows you to tan the sides of your body more effectively.


XL 800
13,000 watts
The XL 800 is the latest and greatest in tanning technology. Featuring over 13,000 watts of power, amazing tanning results can be achieved in as little as 3 visits. Not only is the XL 800 one of the highest performing units out there, it is by far one of the most luxurious. With deluxe features such as: aromatherapy, dedicated shoulder lamps, powerful facial lamps, a contoured bottom acrylic (to relieve white circles on pressure points), aqua-mist (a gentile mist of cooling water), and a built in air conditioning unit, this is most likely the premier tanning unit available anywhere.


Omega 3
24,000 watts
With 24,000 watts of tanning power, NOTHING WILL GET YOU DARKER. A true hybrid of technology, this bed is perfect for people who want to take their tanning results to the next level. The canopy lamps are a mere 0.5% UVB, and the bench is a low 2.5% UVB, so you get the benefit of 24,000 watts with low burning.






Legacy Leg Tanner
Open the clamshell top, relax in the adjustable swivel chair, and prepare to experience the quickest leg tanning machine on the market today. Warm? No sweat. The variable speed-cooling fan will solve that problem. Slide in the lumbar support cushion and tan all the way from your hips to your toes. In a hurry? Not to worry. This tan is maximum 10 minutes to fit with your busy lifestyle.



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